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Dr. Jennifer N Calito

Owner, Founder, & CEO

Dr. Jennifer Calito is the founder of Education Under Construction Consulting LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to enhancing education, training, and culturally diverse workplaces. She strives for meaningful and engaging interactions with peers, analyzing and implementing educational initiatives for teachers and students, and fostering relationships for building strong school culture. Jennifer believes that every student should have an opportunity to experience education with confidence, in a method that motivates them and allows students to be successful. In her aspirations to make these philosophies a reality, she has achieved the necessary knowledge through five academic degrees, implementation of innovative ideas and programs in education, and develops scholarly research to contribute to the academic body of knowledge. In addition to being an educational consultant, Jennifer enjoys playing the piano, karaoke, being a personal Uber to her three children, and relaxing in the Caribbean on a cruise ship with friends and family!

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