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Video Production Mgr Fellowship


Part Time (25-32 hours)

Unpaid Internship

January 5, 2021

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Open Positions: 



Sales & Marketing


Fall: Sept - Dec / Winter: Jan-Mar / Spring: Apr-June / Summer: July - Aug

About Our Company

Education Under Construction Consulting (EUC²) is a new consulting firm in the education industry. EUC² is committed to partnering with stakeholders in the education system by enhancing workplace culture and diversity, and to inspire sound teaching practices through engaging in scholarly research. Our consulting firm offers a variety of services which include custom developed curriculum, training, impartial research development, and diversity awareness.

Job Overview

As a Marketing Production Intern your primary responsibility will be creating and editing podcasts, Vlogs, and video marketing for the company.  Additional tasks and projects will be assigned as required for business needs.  You will be working closely with the Sales & Marketing team to develop new creative ways for the company to grow online.

Reports to:

The Marketing Production intern will report to the Sales & Marketing lead and frequent interactions with the CEO.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties

  • Creating and curating podcasts

  • Editing podcasts and videos along with arranging meetings with guest speakers

  • Researching given topics and making sure sources are credible

  • Ability to identify untapped opportunities and work to create a name for the brand

  • Maintaining companies professional networks and keeping up to date

  • Working closely with other marketing analysts & system analysts, all other departments, as well as CEO

  • 25-32 hours per week

Qualifications and/or Skills acquired through Internship

  • Currently studying or a BS/MSs Marketing, Communications or Digital Marketing

  • Excellent written and verbal skills

  • Excellent communication with client and other departments

  • Previous experience with Google Drive, Adobe Photoshop, iMovie/Adobe, Anchor and Wix is a plus, but not necessary

  • Ability and willingness to learn new programs

  • Outgoing and a customer-oriented attitude

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills

  • Problem-solving and conflict resolution capabilities

  • Excellent ability to build and maintain a positive and professional relationship

  • Devoted to providing high-quality customer service

  • Attention to detail

Submission Requirements

  • A letter of recommendation from a professor OR academic counselor

  • A copy of current unofficial transcripts

  • Writing sample in the form of an introductory letter stating: “How your current skills can contribute to the success of the organization” maximum of 250 words

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